Tube Stomach Surgery

It is based on the excision of a large portion of the stomach to remain tubular. Tube intended for stomach surgery; to reduce the volume of the stomach, to bring the nature of the continuation of the esophagus. The focus of this surgery; is the intake of 80% of the stomach, including ghrelin hormone, which forms our sense of hunger.

Sleeve Gastrectomy is the removal of the fundus part of the stomach which constitutes 80% of the stomach. With the removal of the fundus part of the stomach, a decrease in the fasting hormone secreted in this part called ghrelin hormone occurs in medicine. The ghrelin hormone is a peptide protein secreted in the fundus region and is an important stimulus of the feeling of hunger in the brain. As a result of tube gastric surgery, the fundus part of the stomach is removed and the hormone is secreted, resulting in a feeling of satiety and a decrease in the appetite and a significant contribution to weight loss.

Tube gastric surgery; Because of the lack of postoperative complications and the need to convert them to malabsorptive surgery, the frequency of application is increasing all over the world.

Laparoscopic (closed operation) method is performed by drilling 5-6 holes in a half-centimeter under general anesthesia. During surgery, a tube is placed in the stomach, with the help of the stapler, the large cervical part of the stomach is removed in the light of the inserted tube and removed from the hole drilled close to 2 cm. Bleeding in the suture line is checked after the end of the operation. In addition, the stomach is inflated with the help of special dyes to check the presence of any leakage in the suture line. After the control procedures, the tube placed in the stomach is removed and the drainage system placed in the abdomen is completed.

The tube is a surgery that is not possible to recycle the stomach. However, if necessary, it can be converted to bypass surgery.

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