Stomach Botox

Stomach botox without any side effects of botox material known as sedation anesthesia in the hospital environment with the application of endoscopy method to suppress the feeling of hunger by suppressing the feeling of hunger in the stomach for longer. Weight loss is much easier with the support of our dietitians in this process. Although there are no side effects; no pain, no pain, and most importantly, it does not require hospitalization, you can return to normal life on the same day.

Note: The dose and method are adjusted according to the individual. Call us now for more information.

Before and after

What is the expectation of Stomach Botox application?
After stomach botox, we expect our patients to lose 10% of their total weight in the first month. Stomach botox is an effective procedure for 6 months with the dose and method we apply. Speaking of a person who is 1.70 tall and weighs 100 pounds; We expect to lose 70% of their excess weight in 6 months.

What is the difference from Stomach Balloon?
Stomach balloon is one of the endoscopic interventions to lose weight. However, the volume of the gastric balloon needs to be adjusted occasionally to the patient, which requires endoscopy each time. Stomach botox provides an effective loss of appetite for 6 months with the dose and method applied. The presence of a foreign body in the stomach balloon causes nausea, vomiting, indigestion and bloating. In addition, many patients complain that their appetite suddenly reopened after the stomach balloon was withdrawn. As the effect of the stomach botox gradually passes, there is no sudden increase in appetite in this way, appetite is gradually returning to normal.

What should be considered after stomach botox?
Fast-consuming foods, such as fastfood, are harmful to consuming acidic beverages. Botox patients are hungry later, saturated with more portions, feeling earlier satiety.

Who is the Stomach Botox suitable for?
Stomach botox can actually be applied to anyone who wants to lose weight. This procedure is not an operation. However, patient selection is important. It should be said that gastric botox will not be very beneficial in patients with a body mass index above 40 and who can achieve success with surgery. At this point, patients who are overweight but not obese enough to operate and who want to lose weight constitute the ideal patient group. In patients with gastric ulcers or gastritis, firstly, after proper treatment of these diseases, gastric botox can be applied.

Does Botox spread to my body?
The studies showed no systemic spread after gastric botox procedure, and it was observed that it completely blocked the nerve conduction locally and thus delayed hungry.

How long does it take to stay in hospital?
Stomach botox is not a surgery. It is an endoscopic procedure performed through the mouth. There is no incision. The procedure takes an average of 20 minutes. Patients are anesthetized with anesthesia physician during the procedure. Hospitalization is not necessary. Generally 1-2 hours of observation is sufficient after the procedure.

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Patient Reviews

​You can reach the opinions of our patients from this section. 

First of all I would like to thank all the funcemedical team. Really super people, friendly and nice people. Cengiz my brother and rose-faced Funda my sister also a big kiss. I soon got them into my heart. They're really a part of the family for me. You are loved. I cannot thank the Fundama for answering all my questions in my head, who spent all day and night time without getting bored. If I have to do it again (I hope, of course, I will do it again), because my trust is endless. I would recommend to anyone. If you are not satisfied with your weight, let FunceMedical be your first way. No pain, No side effects, No hunger ... After a 15-minute procedure, enjoy Izmir or go back to your beautiful family. Well, I can't finish summer, I love you all very, very much. It is a good thing that you have, I know you and Cengiz brother, this time we tour Izmir. By the way, I'm a diabetic, my blood sugar, which was 205 before the procedure, fell to 94 after the procedure. Be stomach botox, get rid of your excess weight and regain your health and happy end 🙂
Stomach Botox
I had a stomach botox with Funce Medical 4 months ago. I weighed 120 pounds, now I weigh 94 pounds. I'm also a healthcare professional myself. Thank you very much to my brother and my lady Funda. I saw the support I didn't have from my family. The best lives begin with Funce Medical.
Stomach Botox
I have unexplainable feelings. I saw the support that I couldn't get from my family. This is very, very valuable to me. You're alive, and I'm writing for those who still think. Come on, take a step for yourself and leave the rest to Funce Medical.
Stomach Botox
I met Funce Medical via internet. After a 4-month phone call with the beautiful Fundam, I had plastic surgery through FunceMedical. I came from Germany. They met me at the airport. First we went to my hotel and then to the hospital. The hospital was a very comfortable and luxurious hospital. I stayed in Izmir for about 1 week. They always took care of me and were there for me. After a 1 week holiday in Izmir, they left me back to the airport. I'm still in touch with them. I recommend FunceMedicali to those who need it. They take care of everything you do.
Mrs. Nilgün


You can find Frequently asked Questions in this section.

There is no pain or pain after stomach botox. Some patients may have mild stinging in the stomach after the procedure. It creates a temporary feeling for 1 hour.

Does not require hospitalization. After a 15-minute procedure, you can return to your normal daily life after 1 hour of rest in the hospital.

We do not recommend any medication before the procedure. Although it is very rare after the procedure, some patients are recommended to use stomach protection.

It is a 15-minute procedure with gastric botox endoscopy with sleep and wake times of 7 minutes.
Stomach botox is an effective procedure for 6 months. We expect our patients to lose 10% of their total weight in the first month. It is expected to lose 60% – 70% of their excess weight in 6 months period.

Stomach botox can be applied to people aged 16-65 years. It is a method applied to those who want to give 5kg and those who want to give 55kg.

It is not applicable to pregnant women with stomach ulcers, lactating mothers, people who are in acute phase of intestinal diseases, people who have previously had gastric bypass, children under 16 and older than 65!