Will I have pain after stomach botox?

There is no pain or pain after stomach botox. Some patients may have mild stinging in the stomach after the procedure. It creates a temporary feeling for 1 hour.

How much weight is given by stomach botox?

Stomach botox is an effective procedure for 6 months. We expect our patients to lose 10% of their total weight in the first month. It is expected to lose 60% – 70% of their excess weight in 6 months period.

Who can have stomach botox?

Stomach botox can be applied to people aged 16-65 years. It is a method applied to those who want to give 5kg and those who want to give 55kg.

Who can’t have stomach botox?

It is not applicable to pregnant women with stomach ulcers, lactating mothers, people who are in acute phase of intestinal diseases, people who have previously had gastric bypass, children under 16 and older than 65!